We offer integrated logistics services.

Our network of over 50 worldwide shipping agents and a operations centre, working 24 hours a day all week, makes easy access the customers to our logistic services, when and where they need it.

We offer integrated logistics services; Air Freight, Sea Freight, inland transport, warehousing, distribution, special projects and customs clearance coordination.

Our value added services allow you an easy flowing of merchandise.


Our value added services includes:

Door to Door Service.

We coordinate the collection of your product from the shipper’s warehouse, taking care of customs clearance joined with international transportation from the country of origin to their final destination.


Customs Clearance Coordination

We offer a wide range of services for customs facilities to the import and export, our customs brokerage experts produce merchandise entries, moving shipments through customs in efficiently way and minimizing delays.


Warehousing and Distribution

We can offer solutions in warehousing, reducing costs in the supply chain, and distribute your cargo directly to the stores.



We can manage the packing for your goods, labeling, making them ready for deliver directly to the stores.


Air Freight

We choose the best shipping routes for all your air freight based on time and minimum costs, providing door to door service, guaranteeing deliveries on time with the best airlines.


Sea Freight.

From any place of origin or destination, we will make your booking with the main ocean carriers, arranging the collecting of your cargo and documentation handling.


Insurance Brokerage

Accidents can happened, your merchandise must be insured.
Avoid financial risks, we insure your cargo in all door to door transport, guaranteeing calm for you.


Loading and Unloading Inspection

We offer inspection services in order to qualify the loading and unloading operations. We also show you skills how to use the total capacity of a container.


Inland Transport

Inland Transport coordination for general cargo or dangerous goods, FTL or LTL service. Deliveries with appointment or open schedule.